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The aim of all videos is to get a maximum of views. We will assist you to reach your goal and drastically increase the number of people who watch your video and want to get associated with your brand, while saving a ton of money on video production, creation
and SEO.

What We Do In Video Marketing

Video marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing. Creating a video which brings in results has become more and more difficult. We are seeing a lot of brands opting for video marketing but getting into a trap of producing under quality videos which do not yield results and also damage brand image. We at leadsGen conceptualise, plan and produce every video to get the best results.

LeadsGen understands that content planning for your corporate videos can dramatically enhance their success.  Well-designed content targets not only the right people, but also the results you want potential customers to take when they see it. We'll show you how to set your goals, get information about your target audience, concentrate on your core message, plan details and write a video production brief.

When it comes to video creation, our state-of-the-art team will take care of your entire video project. This includes writing the script, recording the video, improving the audio, adding animations, and editing the end product. Our videos are the reason that brands stand out from competitors on a day-to-day basis.

At LeadsGen, we have the resources and expertise to edit and transform any kind of raw footage into professional videos in no time. Video footage in any format you require (AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.),  and require assistance to merge scenes, rearrange footage, remove unwanted content, sequence the shots, and more we can aid you. We add music/sound, text/titles, subtitles, voice-overs, special effects, creative tilts, animations and transitions to enrich your existing video footage and make it professional.

The key is the development and implementation of a dedicated video advertising plan. First we understand who your audience is and the type of content they like. Together, we define the goals and purposes of your video content. This may include brand awareness, launching products or registering for an event. Once we have developed a strategy, we can get to work creating high quality videos that your audience will love!

As a full-fledged digital marketing agency, Funnely understands the need for SEO in all forms of marketing. Our video SEO service contributes to the optimization of video content in order to rank on the search results. Our goal is to get your video to the top with organic marketing with traffic of visitors directed to your websites.


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We Offer a Variety of Engaging Video Types

Video marketing has evolved to a level which is beyond single type. Every platform asks for different requirements. Youtube might ask for bigger videos whereas Instagram might ask for much shorter one’s. So choosing the right video type for the platform and your objective is what video strategy is all about.

Video production is the process by which video content is produced for video.  Video production consists of three phases: pre-production, production and post-production.


GIFS / Shorts

Short (usually 10 seconds or less) looping format
with simple moving elements, logo or copy.
nemagraphs: one moving element in a static photo.


Motion display ads are advertisement formats designed to achieve conversion goals using a short video.


Stock footage, also known as archive videos or B-rolls, are pre-filmed sequences that can be purchased and used in a variety of projects and films. Stock footage can be authorised and allow filmmakers to save time and money by filming original material.


Motion Infographics is a flexible visual tool which is nowadays widely used in the media. It comes from the words "Motion" and "Infographic" in English and uses graphics and animations to create a scene in which changes or movements happen.


2D animation is the art of creating motion within a two-dimensional space. That includes characters, creatures, effects and backgrounds. The illusion of motion is created when individual patterns are sequenced together over time. One second of time is typically divided into 24 images.


Case Studies

1 crore+ revenue generated every month. 2000+ leads a day with 30 full time agents taking calls

10 to 33 DA in 6 months with 2k high quality backlinks

250+ leads a month for an educational institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

50 conversion every month for a dental clinic with high performing landing pages.

A mix of SMM, SMA & PPC made the brand reach new heights

Our multi-channel strategy enabled us to achieve high sales in a difficult market.

Ranked the website on first page for 5 high traffic keywords.

Building a premium brand was accomplished within a short period of time.

Worked around google policy to bring profit to the business.

Motion & Video Ads in Numbers

Up to 300% click-through increase

An email including a video can increase your email click-through rate by up to 300%. (

Videos Get more than 59% of engagement on facebook

A study of over 777M Facebook posts by Buffer found that videos manage 59% more engagement than other post types. (

According to the Renderforest survey, 78% of users got more traffic to their website after using videos. (
Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. (
91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media. Indeed, 93% of businesses claim to have landed a customer because of a video on social media. (
90% of users say that seeing a video about product or product review is helpful in the decision-making process.


Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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