Ranked the website on first page for 5 high traffic keywords

We have ranked the website on very high traffic
keywords on the first page in just 5 months of work.
We were able to increase the DA of the website from
21 to 33 at the same time.

SEO Campaign

Goal of the campaign was to rank a few keywords
on the first page, to maintain the rank of a few
keywords and to bring a few keywords into the
SERPS. Total of 15 keywords were selected with
the above objectives.

Our Approach

We do really good keyword research and competitor mapping. That is the one thing that separates us
from any other company. We know exactly what keywords are low hanging fruits and what are not. So
once we have them. We plan an on-page strategy and an off-page go to market strategy. On-page is
based on making sure our content and links are talking about our keywords and what we should do for
those keywords outside of our website. We do not believe in doing no value submissions just to send you
the links in the weekly report. We work on high value link building through content marketing.

8 (3)


Boost in Organic Reach

7 (5)


Increase in Website Visits

6 (4)


Improvement in Domain Ranking

Lets grow

SEO strategy hand-made just for you

We would love to hear about your business plans and tailor a perfect hand-made SEO strategy which would work for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a chat together.


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