Here are some of our case studies to give you an overview of what we do across the board.

Worked around google policy to bring profit to the business

Firstly, we successfully achieved a work around
for google policy which was banning the ads
and then we have achieved high amount of
leads and lead quality.

Kaicell - Google Ads Campaign

Our multi-channel strategy enabled us to achieve high sales in a difficult market

Active Topicals was a new skin care brand looking to increase sales through digital channels. With a lot of competition in the skin care space, it has been a challenge to attract sales. Large players dominate the market and there is very little room for new entrants.

10k+ Downloads in just a week

Startups need things fast. We know this and hence we made it happen. With few features on the launch and budget limitation. Everything was planned at a granular level and achieved with super speed.
Autoly - App Promotion Campaign

Ranked the website on first page for 5 high traffic keywords

We have ranked the website on very high traffic keywords on the first page in just 5 months of work. We were able to increase the DA of the website from 21 to 33 at the same time.

Building a premium brand was accomplished within a short period of time.

A right blend of content, a right use of advertising and influencer marketing has got the brand into right eyes. Using social media strategy for its marketing helped the brand to build a premium image within no time.

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