Worked around google policy to bring profit to the business

Firstly, we successfully achieved a work around for
google policy which was banning the ads and then
we have achieved high amount of leads and lead

Google Ads Campaign

We faced two problems

  • Banning of Ads due to google policy due to
    business in the cell phone repair niche.
  • Low cost per conversion even if few ads make it
    for a day or two.

Our Approach

For the first problem of banning of Ads because of google policy. We did some
experiments where we understood that the banned keywords should not be used in
the Ads. You can use the keywords in the keyword list but not the Ad copy.

Once we were able to put our ads then we have managed to the conversion rate
higher and higher with landing page optimization and bidding strategies.

8 (1)


Rupees per lead

7 (3)


ROI vs our baseline KPI

6 (1)


improvement in customer

acquisition cost

Lets grow


We would love to hear about your business plansĀ and come up with something beneficial to you.

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