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By getting to know you and your brand, we can help you set clear goals for what you want your social media to accomplish. It allows our team to identify the areas of your activity that we can promote on social media and interact with the online community that wants to be part of your brand.

Our Website Development Methodology

From launching a product to promoting an event to raising brand awareness, the most important part of a social media campaign is planning and research.  By getting to know you and your brand, we can help you set clear goals for what you want your social media to accomplish. This allows our team to identify areas within your company that we can promote through social media and interact with an online community interested in becoming part of your brand.

We create accurate lead funnels by targeting specific groups according to their demographics like Age, Job Title, Income Level, Education, Location, and Behaviour. Because of this, we target the audience who are most likely to be interested in your products which helps us to generate leads for our clients at the lowest cost possible. In the end, the targeting audience will help you market your product effectively and prioritise the customers you target.

While creating a creative design or post, the most important thing is that you speak the same language as your audience, make them more likely to engage with social media, build brand loyalty and ultimately buy your product. To create appealing creatives we go through our process of ideation, visualisation, content briefs, resource and copy of images, and designing.

The success of your campaign lies upon the probability of how you promote it. Promotion is the part where you are connecting to your audience through your campaign, this is the part where all of your work depends upon. Our team analyse the situation with their experience in marketing and produce efficient results for each particular campaign.

Testing enables advertisers to find out what works best for their ads so they can iterate to generate more business or increase their prospects, getting better results for less money. We test the ads thoroughly before posting to make sure they generate more leads utilising the least amount of time and money.

There are so many ways to examine the results of Facebook ads, but we focus on measures that help you optimise your campaigns. With proper analysis, we can not only achieve more audiences, but also save a lot of money on those ads. Depending on where your target audience is in your lead funnel, we can build awareness, increase consideration, or convert users.

The best way to maximise the results of your Facebook ad campaigns is for us to get the job done for you. All you need to do is tell us your business objectives and figure out who you want to achieve and from there, we'll find the audience you're looking for and use your advertising spending most efficiently to generate results for your business. We have helped many SMEs and startups grow without spending a ton of money using our techniques and skills to optimise facebook advertisements.


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At LeadsGen, we are passionate about building long-term relationships based on your business and marketing results. We want to put the emphasis on what actually generates revenue and profitability. As a well-known social media advertising company, we know exactly how to get that done. Every valuable relationship requires the work of both parties to be successful. We partner with our customers to understand the WHY of your business, the OBJECTIVES you aspire to, and the IMPACT it will have on your customers and your business. we translate that into a unique and genuine Facebook Ads marketing strategy to bring us together.

Do you have the creative assets your brand needs?

All businesses looking to attract customers and stand out from their competitors need strong brand assets. They help to build identity, maintain consistency and build trust. We can help you create your brand through our Brand Building Strategies.

1 crore+ revenue generated every month. 2000+ leads a day with 30 full time agents taking calls

10 to 33 DA in 6 months with 2k high quality backlinks

250+ leads a month for an educational institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

50 conversion every month for a dental clinic with high performing landing pages.

A mix of SMM, SMA & PPC made the brand reach new heights

Our multi-channel strategy enabled us to achieve high sales in a difficult market.

Ranked the website on first page for 5 high traffic keywords.

Building a premium brand was accomplished within a short period of time.

Worked around google policy to bring profit to the business.


Meet The Team

Meet The Team

We want to be your strategic growth partner, not another cookie-cutter digital marketing agency.

Whether you’re looking for paid ads support, an audit of your existing efforts, or any other strategic marketing advice, we’ll shoot it straight with you and only proceed if we think it will be a winning relationship for both of us.

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