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1 crore+ revenue generated every month. 2000+ leads a day with 30 full time agents taking calls

O2 Spa is a premium spa chain in India with 80+ outlets in almost all the cities in India. Spas need to be filled in every day. It all happened with the right digital marketing mix of social media, google ads, SMS marketing and Email marketing.


Issues faced by us

Increasing the number of leads and keeping the premiumness of the brand.

Our Approach

We used several strategies to make sure that the premiumness of the brand stays put and the leads also keeps on flowing.

6 (4)

1 crore +

in revenue

8 (1)


leads in a day

5 Years +

engagement with the brand

Lets grow

Marketing Strategy Hand-Made Just for You

We would love to hear about your business plans and tailor a perfect hand-made marketing strategy which would work for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a chat together.

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