Our multi-channel strategy enabled us to achieve high sales in a difficult market

Active Topicals was a new skin care brand looking to increase sales
through digital channels. With a lot of competition in the skin care space, it has been a challenge to attract sales. Large players dominate the market and there is very little room for new entrants.

Social Media Advertising

Brand needs to stand out from the rest. Hence needed a special focus. The solution they provided by their products was very unique to others. We needed to focus on the messaging part and the group which opts for this solution.

Our Approach

We made the messaging crystal clear for the target group. We pinpointed the group using facebook advertising and voila we started getting conversions. The cost per conversion was high in the initial days. But we started using retargeting campaigns to get the cost per conversion lower and achieved an ROI of +239%.

7 (2)


ROI vs our

baseline KPI




in a month

5 (1)


people reached all

over india

Lets grow

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