50 conversion every month for a dental clinic with high performing landing pages.

Google ads have made AnnessDMD a winner locally in Revere, USA

Issues faced by us

Initially for a month we were really worried about the performance of the ads. We tested out location ads, search ads and retargeting ads. But all did not perform. We were about to lose the client.

Our Approach

We never settle down with less. We experimented with various versions and finally we were able to get results with performance max campaigns. From 5 leads in a month to 50 leads in a month was the journey we did with Annese DMD. Now the only problem we are dealing with is the client does not need anything more from us. 🙂


Calls in a month


cost per lead


conversion rate

Lets grow

Marketing Strategy Hand-Made Just for You

We would love to hear about your business plans and tailor a perfect hand-made marketing strategy which would work for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a chat together.

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