10k+ Downloads in just a week

Startups need things fast. We know this and hence we made it happen. With few features on the launch and budget limitation. Everything was planned at a granular level and achieved with super speed.

App Promotion Campaign

Autoly is a complete car maintenance and diagnostic app. But at launch every start up has limited features. Autoly’s feature, which was the best one, was the dashboard scanner. We were in a dilemma of which message to choose. Either the whole brand message which will promote Autoly as a complete car maintenance app or to just promote the scanner.

Our Approach

After research we understood that the second option is best keeping in mind the retention ratio of users. We jumped into creative briefs and came up with all the creative stuff related to dashboard scanner. We also bought in a 2D video for the launch.

We tapped in all platforms Facebook App Ads, Instagram App Ads, Google Search, Google App Ads, and Apple Search Ads.


per app install


Installs in 2

2 Million

people reached